Where are you and when do you run? 
We're centrally located at St John's Church Hall, at 45 Constitution Avenue Reid (near the corner of Anzac Ave). Every Wednesday from 7.30 - 9.00 pm!

How do I get there?
You have several options:
 - There is plenty of on-site parking.
 - It is about a 20 minute walk from the city centre
 - It is 7 minutes by public transport - from civic interchange, the #4 and #5 stop right out front of the church (just before Anzac Ave), and the #200 stops outside Reid CIT, about 300m up the road. See here and here for an example trip to the venue, and here for an example trip back!
 - It is also very cycle friendly (we usually cycle here!). If you like, to avoid cycling down Constitution Avenue you can enter the church grounds from the rear entrance, next to 7 Amaroo St in Reid.

Isn't dancing in the dark a public liability lawsuit waiting to happen?
It's very safe inside! There is plenty of space for you to bust your awesome moves out and we have a source of safety light. Plus, you'll be amazed how quickly your eyes adjust.

Is Lycra really a no-no? Is that... like.. a rule? 
Haha no. Lycra is allowed. We don't care what you wear, as long as you're comfy.

What sort of music?
Old, new, middle-aged, anything that puts ya back into it. If you have tune suggestions drop us a line at nlnlcanberra@gmail.com or come and see us on the night!

I showed up late, the doors are closed and I can hear awesome tunes pumping from inside!!
If you're running late just dump your bag and join in when you arrive. We will be inside dancing so you can pay afterwards!

What do you do with the cover charge?
The $5 cover charge helps us with costs to run NLNL.  All sorts of grown-up sounding stuff like public liability insurance, venue hire, advertising and music performance licensing eat into our budget.

We also like to support all of the uber-talented musicians and artists who make NLNL possible, by paying for each and every tune you hear. No illegal downloads!

Keeping the cover charge low aims to make NLNL accessible.  Besides, when was the last time you had a buttload of fun for a fiver in Our Nations Capital?

Is it suitable for people with disability? 
Absolutely! The hall has disability parking, wheelchair access and appropriate facilities inside. There is a ton of space in the hall, with some areas better lit than others, and we aim to create a safe and friendly environment for everybody. We honour companion cards. If you have any specific questions about accessibility shoot us an email at nlnlcanberra@gmail.com.

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