Wednesday, 4 July 2012


No Lights No Lycra Canberra, cordially invites you to don your tracky dacks and be a dancer in the dark!

Corroborree Park Function Room (The Green Building), Corroborree Park, Ainslie

Every Tuesday from 7:30pm to 9pm, starting from July 24.

YOU (and all your mates)

For the pure joy of dancing!

Never heard of us?
No Lights No Lycra is a global dance community, courageously spearheaded in Melbourne by unruly dance students Alice Glenn and Heidi Barrett in 2009. There is no light, no lycra, no teacher, no steps to learn, no technique, just free movement in the dark. 

NLNL is a space where you can completely let go, shake out the stresses of the week, and lose yourself in the music.

Check out the links (on your right) to various other NLNL communities in Australia and throughout the globe.

"Cathartically ingenious - and demented. Head along to Corroborree Park Hall... to find out if you have something only a special blend of track pants and darkness could help you oust."
-BMA Magazine, Canberra

"This is a pure and spiritual experience, releasing that urge to shake and doing it without dealing with the social nuances of dancing in public" 
- Greenpointers Blog, Brooklyn NY

"Many of the constraints of our modern society can be transcended through dancing in this environment, gender and sexuality become irrelevant, and space is negotiated without words or power struggle." 
- Laura Morgan, NLNL Dancer, Melbourne.

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