Friday, 24 August 2012


Once again the cream of the bop got good and jiggy with it this week, as our first guest playlist went off with a big ol' bang! Big thank you to our guest DJ (ya know who y'are!)

Here is a list of stuff that will help to waste six minutes and nine seconds of the otherwise boogie-less wonderland between now and our next Wiggle Session:
  •  Empathise with this little paper dude being overpowered by his irrepressable urge to BOOGIE-OOGIE:

See you this (and EVERY) Tuesday at Corroboree Park for swingin' fun times. Don't forget to tell all your bootylicious buddies about our Kevin-Bacon-endorsed* 'Songs About Dancing' Spring Special on September 4th (usual time and place). It's gonna be a bloody beauty.

*Actual endorsement pending. Imaginary endorsement signed, sealed and delivered.

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