Tuesday, 9 April 2013


For one night only (APRIL 16), NLNL are going LIVE!

That's right. Two of Canberra's most BOOGIE-ABLE bands are gracing our humble home at Corroborree Park and filling your little ears with live tunes to shake your cake to. 

Sensational surf rockers SPACE PARTY, whom we have very strong dancing-on-the-ceiling-feelings for, will kick off proceedings. Here is a link to a cyber-place where you can listen to them, and a pic of them being very skillful playing instruments, getting their groove on:


As if THAT wasn't enough - just try and stop dancing when these brass masters THE BRASS KNUCKLE BRASS BAND take the stage! Here is a video of them doing things similar to the things they will be doing next Tuesday evening:

Now time for the extra speshy news. All cover charges (our usual five smackers) from this event will be going to a local organisation that does real good work: Karinya House.  Read a little more about the services they provide here: www.karinyahouse.asn.au/

No, it won't be as dark as usual; it's more like 'some lights no lycra'. Don't be scared. We've danced together in a lit environment once before - remember our dancing-in-the-park Christmas extravaganza? While it was awkward at first, we all gave in to the groove, abandoned our nocturnal preferences and got jiggy with it anyway (like a colony of very adaptable disco bats with a penchant for the Pointer Sisters).

Be there by 8pm. Dance. Go completely bonkas (as if we've come to expect anything else from y'all!)

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