Sunday, 29 July 2012


When we contacted our spiritual advisor Kevin Bacon to ask him what he thought about the idea of No Lights No Lycra having a theme night, he said it sounded intriguing and went like this:
And then he asked us what we had in mind, and we said 'well Kevin, we thought songs about dancing might be a good idea.' And then he went like this:
Which we took to be a fairly enthusiastic response.

Now that we have Kev's blessing, make sure Tuesday September the 4th is in your diaries (well... it would be odd if it wasn't already in your diaries, but perhaps you should colour the date in with a yellow highlighter or something to make it stand out) because it's going to rock your SOCKS OFF! 

If you have a favourite song about dancing, please drop us a line at OR come along to NLNL any other Tuesday night between now and then, make your request in person/on paper.

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