Thursday, 26 July 2012

Things to do today...

  • Change your ring tone to Earth Wind and Fire's Boogie Wonderland, set it to loud, have someone call  you while you're in a meeting and let it ring, dancing unapologetically.
  • Check out this beautiful dance video, featuring dancers from Melbourne No Lights No Lycra directed and choreographed by very very talented NLNL founders, Alice Glenn and Heidi Barrett:
  • Pick up a current copy of BMA and see if you can spot all four plugs for No Lights No Lycra!
  • Drop a subliminal message about us into a social encounter (try fake-sneezing and saying no-lights-no-lycra really fast in place of the overly conventional 'achoo').
  • Tell ya mates there's nothing better to do on a Tuesday night than dress your groove thang up in comfy tracky dacks and then shake said groove thing.
  • Put a spring in the step of your co-workers/classmates/housies by starting your very own NLNL in the tea room/lecture theatre/hallway.

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