Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Hello there you gorgeous groovers,

We'd just like to take this opportunity to say that last night was... you know... very special, and even if you're not looking for a long term kind of thing, No Lights No Lycra is very keen to show you a good time again because... well... let's be frank... we like the way you move.

Big thank you to DJ Greshman for rocking the casbah this week! We have submitted an official request to the Guinness Book of World Records for: 'Most Macarena Participants in Complete Darkness'. Stay tuned for their response! Will it be patronising: 'I'm sorry. That's not an actual thing'. Or will it be uplifting: 'Congratulations, your inspirational grooving has conquered the grand divide between dags and hipsters across the nation - they're hugging each other in the streets! Ray-Bans, overalls, Family Ties, who can even TELL what's cool anymore?!'

NEXT WEEK: ANIMANIA! Songs about animals! Feel free to don some leopard print lycra for the occasion.

Gosh we love ya.

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