Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Dear friends, we live to tell the beastly tale. Last night the darkness came and saw us all become nimble werewolves on a barely moonlit dance floor.

With nocturnal vision akin to the Woolly Mammoth, we bumped into each other repeatedly, made snappy hands to The Crocodile Rock, played air guitar to Foxy Lady, tweedalee dee'd to Rockin' Robin, scuttled sideways to Rock Lobster (yeah I know, that's more of a crab trait) and declared loudly to all within earshot: 'You ain't NEVER caught a rabbit... Never.'

ANIMANIA was a roaring, growling, hooting, barking-mad menagerie of a success, so much so that we have declared the last Tuesday of every month Theme Team Night.

Join the Theme Team, send suggestions for theme nights to and WATCH THIS SPACE!

Here is a funny instructional dancing video. You're likely to learn nothing but this guy has a moustache the size of Ukraine, and knows how to 'pop' and stuff:

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