Saturday, 16 March 2013


Today NLNL invited the little tackers of Canberra, to join them for a world-class boogie in the You Are Here Festival hub.

One six-year-old punter eloquently summed up her festival experience in the words of the dance-film GOD Patrick Swayze by boldly stating that she "had the time of her life". That actually happened.

Strongly representing the dance-first-walk-later age bracket, one wide-eyed toddler spent the better part of thirty minutes wiggling her arms while sitting on a pink balloon. 

Several punters reported sightings of a balloon monster. "I'm going to get you", the monster is reported to have said, while tying as many as four or five balloons together with his twirly dancing streamer, and following his victims around the dance floor to the tune of "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce.

Thanks parents, thanks kidlets, thanks You Are Here for a very fun and entertaining forty-five minutes. Lets do it again... like, tomorrow.

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