Monday, 24 February 2014


Locomoting Ladies and Jiving Gents,

On one hand, tonight (the 25th) is absolutely ladies night because our playlist is made entirely of INCREDIBLY DANCEABLE SONGS by INCREDIBLY ANTS-IN-THEIR-PANTSABLE Ladies!

On exactly the same hand, it's also boysies night. EVERYONE'S A WINNER BABY! (that's no lie.)

Now that the You Are Here Festival program is up for public consumption, we are announcing three very very exciting events! Read on!

SATURDAY 15 MARCH BOOGIE BATALLION! (an event for kids and kids at heart): 
In a once-off You Are Here event, a battalion of tiny disco soldiers (your children) will make their noisy way from one end of Garema Place to the other by dancing/marching their hearts out to a dazzling and dance-able array of songs without swear words. Read the full event description here:

FRIDAY 21 MARCH NEON NIGHT RIDER! (an event for fluoro enthusiasts, bicycle enthusiasts and us enthusiasts)
NLNL is but a tiny part of this delicious whole. Make yourself as irridescent as possible, come and have a boogie in our small scale dancing-in-the-dark booths made especially for you and a few friends, hop on your decked-out-in-lights bike and ride onto the next installation/performance/glow-in-the-dark thingy. Read the full event description here:

ALSO FRIDAY 21 MARCH NO LIGHTS NO LYCRA IN THE CITY!  (an event for you and all your friends and all their friends) 
Remember last year when we totally, like, had a massive dance party in the empty Fletcher Jones shop? Well this year we're doing it all again except in a big empty building that used to be a bank. Amazing? Amazing! More here:

Have a listen here to our interview with Festival Producer Andrew Galan!

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